Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sorry if you got exciting this would be a post that Liquid Television were released on Blu Ray & DVD but not it still has never been done. Although this is to commemorate the greatness of animation that was shown on BASIC CABLE, when I was a kid. I use to stay up late just to catch these with my older brother. If you've never seen it, it was a late night show on MTV (channel 11 as I remember it) that showed a bunch of short animations, from puppets, american cartoons, stop motion, live action and Japanese animation.

TR has a great post on this, The 20 GREATEST LIQUID TELEVISION SEGMENTS watch them there. I don't want to butcher up what they said because it's all awesome. I really remembered all the twisted, insane, hilarious and quite disturbing cartoons as a kid and thought, shit they showed these on basic cable and I watched them at the age of 6, AWESOME! Most notable cartoons to come out of this were Bevis & Butthead and ├ćon Flux. I really remembered Winter Steele because she freaked me out as a kid and I thought she was creepy. Most of the creators have continues to much larger productions, gotten big, and/or doing more independent work. I've seen many of these guys work featured in Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation.Enjoy and reminisce of the times in your life that you've seen these or just watch them for the first time ever. Enjoy.

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