Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here are a number of tshirt designs done by my brother Erik Siador. Click on all photos to see larger image.

"PELICAN BAY POKER CLUB" Pelican Bay: Super Max Security Prison Crescent City, CA. The Pelican Bay facility was established in 1989 to house inmates considered too dangerous for other prisons. It's a place for serious men who play serious poker. If a man can win at poker in Pelican Bay he's ready for the World Championships.

"DEER ISLAND CORRECTIONAL" Deer Island: Medium Security Deer Island, MA. Located in Boston Harbor, Deer Island has a long, dark place in history. In the 1600s, Native Americans were imprisoned there. In the 1800s Irish immigrants were quarantined and in the 1900s it became the site of the Deer Island Correctional Facility. Despite this sordid past many inmates have created their own salvation to the pursuit of weightlifting, also known as "working the iron pile".

"ANGOLA RODEO" Angola: Super Max security Angola, LA. Established in 1880 and sitting on 18,000 acres, Angola Prison is the largest prison in the U.S. With a population of 5000, the inmates work the fields all day giving Angola it's nickname "The Farm". The population blows off steam twice a year when Angola hosts its world famous rodeo. edition black on black CulpritResearchProject tshirts coming soon...(master single color silk screen)

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