Sunday, April 10, 2011


Seen a few things about real life superheroes and finally decided to post about it. You can check out there page here Real Life Superheroes. Some of the superheroes look goofy and just over the top but I'm just saying.. I admire the fact that people want to do the great or good with everything going on in our world today so I guess let them dress up and call themselves Superheroes. Also another thing to note from a video by Yahoo! News, which can be viewed here is that if you try to stop someone breaking the law 'People who punish an alleged criminal outside the legal system are breaking the law themselves.'

I really have to those these 'Superheroes' out there though, Soundwave & Jetstorm.

For one c'mon kid you took the name of a transformer!!! Two, if they did do crime fighting on the streets (although they don't they do charity work for starters) they would get punked really hard or hurt.

Some that have commented videos, blogs, or forums about them have said they admire their ambition but someone is bound to get killed doing this.

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