Friday, December 31, 2010


HAHAHA Finally some people take notice to these cds the first of them is KIDS BOP or whatever... anyway they're cds where children re-sing mainstream songs. Funny thing is they've also sang & re-recorded songs that have profanity... awkward... A mom actually heard a cd that their kid was given and is now being pulled from shelves at Walmarts across the country. hahah

Here's the article I read click here


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! Who ever edited this CD must've been on some type of drug or something! The thing that I really want to know is, which band(s) are/is the one who had cussing?

S. SIADOR said...

I wondered the same, yet none of the articles stated what song and/or by whom the song was by. You would've thought they would get the kids to at least re-sing radio edits.

Anonymous said...

Pump It and Ugly are at least two of the songs containing profanity, including the F word. The CD states that the songs are performed by the Starlite Singers and the cover says "Your kids will love these versions of today's biggest hits, reinterpreted especially for them." Kidz Bop is very kid-friendly; we thought this was similar. I am wondering what is going to happen to the company that produced these. This is not a case of over-reaction by sensitive parents.