Thursday, January 6, 2011


I think I've seen more Ke$ha parody videos than her actual videos. One made me laugh for her, "We r who we r," song. So I had to see how the actual video was to laugh at the comparison. These past years in music have disappointed me... no offense to anyone that loves what's out there right now but it's just not for me and sad to see many people with (in my opinion) not so much talent getting record deals. Anyway one major upsetting thing with her real video, besides it not making any sense what so ever was, there are two DJs in the video with a laptop (most DJs use serato or similar programs to DJs with) but in this video it shows them on a "dating site", WOW... how bad does that make DJs look!?

Anyway here are two parody videos that made up for the actual non-sense of a video she has.

I guess this one made me laugh because I'm a nerd and know about all the stuff she's singing about.

I would also like to Thank Sergio of Infomania for this, this aired last year.

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